Prayer centre for chastity


Determination of Uganda Martyrs to life in chastity and their refusal to homosexual wishes of King Mwanga II, were one of the reasons why he decided to put them to death.

We read in the history of Buganda…

“For King Mwanga who ordered to kill Christians, the ultimate humiliation was the insolence he received from the pages when they (the least subservient of servants) resisted his homosexual advances. According to old tradition the king was the center of power and authority, and he could dispense with any life as he felt, hence the old saying Namunswa alya kunswaze (the queen ant feeds on her subjects). Although homosexuality is abhorred among the Baganda, it was unheard of for mere pages to reject the wishes of a king. Given those conflicting values Mwanga was determined to rid his kingdom of the new teaching and its followers.” (


Regarding historical significance, Muynonyo could be a expiation shrine for sins agains chastity and remind the World that life in chastity is possible despite wrongly understood culture, authority and external influences.

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