Christmas Program

Christmas program at Munyonyo:
24.12.2020 Vigil Christmas
6pm – English & Luganda

25.12.2020 Christmas
7am – Luganda
9am, 11am, 12.30 – English

10am – Latin (St Danis Chapel)

26.12.2020 St.Steven – Boxing Day
10am – Mass with Infant Baptism

27.12.2020 Holy Family Sunday
7am – Luganda
9am – English
11am – Luganda, Archdiocesan Marriage Couple Day, Mass with the Archbishop
11am, 12.30 – English (Mass at St. Andrew Chapel, under Mango Tree)

6pm – English

a. Entrance only through “red tent check point” close to the Information Centre. (SOPs MoH: Masks, Temperature Check, Sanitization, Social Distance)
b. Ushers to direct Christians to seat only at the designated and marked place in the pew with (depending on the Mass)
c. Maximum of 200 people allowed for each Mass
d. Exit only through the main door and Martyrdom Spot of St. Andrew Kaggwa to the parking lot.
e. Liturgical guidance from Kampala Archdiocese to be followed.