Defined as the bringing of good news of Jesus, into every human situation; leading to changed lives and a changed world. It is the word of Jesus that speaks to people’s hearts giving a vision of what life should be about;  it leads to conversion. Drawing on the example of Andrew Kaggwa who was always busy telling and showing other pages in the King’s court, a different life; a life not based on fear, witchcraft, greed, falsehood and immorality but on truth and love of Jesus Christ.


By Andrew’s teachings and living example many pages were convinced and converted. In Munyonyo more than a hundred years ago the evangelism process started and the words of Jesus are still being spoken to hearts by the martyr’s life and witness even  in death. If you are seeking and contemplating your vocation ; if you are feeling the call to teach others as a priest or catechist or a call to evangelize others, take a day and come to the shrine; and at the spot where the martyrs made a public declaration for Christ , have a  recollection, meditation  reflecting on the examples of the  martyrs who speak to all who come   very strongly; come; and in the quietness  ponder the life and sacrifice of the martyrs and you will find  inspiration.

St. Andrew Kaggwa – model catechist in evangelisation – pray for us

TO READ MORE ABOUT ST. ANDREW KAGGWA and his role in evangelisation, please read speech of Pope Francis made at Munyonyo on 27.11.2015